Active Member - Regular membership - $50.00 (USD)

Subscription period: 1 year, on: January 1st

No automatically recurring payments

The following persons shall be eligible for active membership: Chiefs of Police, Sheriff of Kane County, directors, commissioners and superintendents having actual supervision of and receiving salaries from any legally constituted state, county or municipal police department of any political subdivision or governmental jurisdiction of this state or county, having authority to adopt and enforce police regulations under the Constitution and laws of the State of Illinois; the Special Agent in Charge of all federal agency offices in Kane County; the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Chief Judge of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit, Chief Deputy Coroner; the commanders of State Police districts having normal police jurisdiction within Kane County; the State’s Attorney and Coroner of Kane County; the Director of Emergency Services/Criminal Justice for Kane County; the chief executive officer of any railroad police systems having lines or offices within Kane County; and the executive assistant, executive heads, assistant chiefs, deputy chiefs and division, district or bureau commanding officers of such departments only when their application is approved by the chief executive of the department on an annual basis.

The fee covers the membership only. You pay at the door for lunch

Associate Member - Non-voting - $50.00 (USD)

Subscription period: 1 year, on: January 1st

No automatically recurring payments

Non-sworn executive assistants and/or law enforcement liaisons of Kane County Law Enforcement Agencies and/or other State of Illinois Criminal Justice Agencies. Heads of security of stores, businesses or industries in Kane County; Associate members shall have all the privileges of active membership, except that of holding elective office and voting.

This fee covers membership. Lunch fee will be paid at the door.

Lifetime member - Free

Subscription period: 1 year, on: January 1st

No automatically recurring payments

Any Active, Law Enforcement or Associate member in good standing with the association and who has served the Association with honor and distinction for a period of five (5) years or more who becomes ineligible for membership due to a change in employment status may be granted Life Membership in the class from which he was previously a member.

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